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For my sweet friend  Feb 14th,2021  by xRick7701x

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Favorites of the past October 25th,2021  by xRick7701x
Elvis  and the Jordanaires  10-24-21 by xRick7701x
Elvis  in Concert 1968   October 22, 2021 by xRick7701x
Merry Christmas 2021   October 21,2021 by xRick7701x
Favorite   Picmix  from the past  10-19-21 by xRick7701x
Sleeping puppies  10-17-21  by xRick7701x
Elvis in the sky  October 17th,2021 xRick7701x
Happy Halloween  10-15-  2021
Space a final frontier, Congradulations  10-13-21 xRick7701x
Merry Christmas !!!!!!! by xRick7701x
Fawns together in the forest  October 9th,2021 by xRick7701x
Elvis in the sky
Congradulations Carrie 10-7-21 by xRick7701x
Bruce Willis   October 5th,2021 by xRick7701x
Cowgirl visiting Graceland with Elvis  10-2-21 Rick
Forever New :  Autumn  is finally here 10-1-21 xRickx
Fall is in the air   9-22-21 by xRick7701x
Material World : Sept 20, 2021 by xRick7701x
Squirrels treasue chest   9-20-21 by xRick7701x
Forever New in Hawaii  9-19-21 by xRick7701x
Just Summer being Summer lol
And shes climbing the stairway to Heaven    9-16-21 by xRick
Seek me with all your Heart  8-21-21 by xRick7701x
Pot Head Danny back from vacation
Howdy Partner,  teaching my girl how to ride  July 18th,2021
3 cute kittens   6-6-21 by  Rick
Party of Cats  5-30-21 by xRick7701x
Have a Happy Birthday Summer 5-31-21   by honey bunny
Open Spring Season is officially open :)
Fairy Garden
Happy Birthday Carrie  4-25-21
Fairy from Heaven
Pretty horses and their foals 3-21-21 by xRick7701x
Have a Happy Easter :)  by xRick7701x
Summerday and her little sweetheart 3-2-21 by xRick7701x
For my Best friend Summerday  3-1-21   by xRick7701x

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For my sweet friend  Feb 14th,2021  by xRick7701x
· le 21 février 2020
Summer i see your comment you left :) im going to copy a graphic and send it to the hill message and see if you are able to see it. If not then its not a problem with our computers it just dont work i guess and we must use the html in order for it towork
Blue Flower Fairy
· le 20 février 2020
i dont see you have been back here .just leaving this message to see if you get it .
Blue Flower Fairy
· le 7 janvier 2018
Your message did show hun.so yes you did it correctly. well done .
Springtime is Here by Connie/Joyfu226
· le 28 août 2015
Hi Rick I just added you as a friend I hope that is ok.