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Blue Flower Fairy

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Life is a fairytale.x
At Home With The Crazies and their virtual Friends
Garden Life
Garden Life
Back To The Beginning
Sometimes a girl just needs her space.
Being Summer.x
Friends Forever.xx
Fairies Are Magical.x
Holiday Peace
Little Cherub.
Forever New Collection
Winter Scene .
Making Magic
Blue Flower Fairy
Happy New Year.
Visiting Grandma.
Simple Scene
Am I Dreaming.?
Little Beauty

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Happy Mother`s Day
· le 1 mars 2020
Thank you for the note:)
For my sweet friend  Feb 14th,2021  by xRick7701x
· le 21 février 2020
Summer do you know you registered here on my birthday the 16th of August im sure i must of mentioned that in the past lol
I notice this comment box only allows you to type just so
For my sweet friend  Feb 14th,2021  by xRick7701x
· le 5 janvier 2018
summer im here at your page and tgrying to send a message i did try a different way but it said page not found maybe i did it wrong . lets see if it shows here.
Springtime is Here by Connie/Joyfu226
· le 28 août 2015
Oh I didn't see you on here either Summer.. I don't know if I have Rick here either. All you have to do is were it says write him a message is add as a friend and you are friends so now my dear Summer we are friends :) Love and Hugs.. Connie