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Hello! My name is Robin..I enjoy being on here and making beautiful pictures! I enjoy everyone elses artwork as well and I try my best to vote, leave comments and ratings! Still new here even tho I registered awhile back.. navigating my way around and learning.. I enjoy all categories, well most of them.. I'm not to much into the flowery vintage gardens... but I certainly enjoy looking at everyone elses... Thank You for visiting, your comments and votes, and most of all your friendship and kindness! >:D< ;;) :)

I do not care for picture thieves [-X .please be creative of your own accord with more than just a couple changes..I understand the sharing of same stamps, but please be your own creator with shared stamps.. have fun!

I am also not to happy with the how the voting works in contest.. seems very few are actually looking at the true beauty and the art of many pics.. seems as though voting comes by how many friends you have.. I hope you vote and comment on my pics because you actually like them and not because you are on my friends list..that means the most to me! Thank You all, Have a Super Day! hugs to you all... >:D<

23/09/2022 08:21

PicMix (112)

Autumn in red and black/white
Sweet Face Fall
Baby in the Fall
Led Zeppelin
The Wild
Native Land
Fall Day
Fall Pinup
My Fall Wall
Turquoise Woman
Autumn Feline
The Mask
Woman and Butterflies
Magical Winter
Birds of Winter
Fall Beauty
Vintage with Roses
September 21, 2001
Little Fairy
Season of the Witch
There is Good
Hello Fall
Night of the Revenge
Circus! Circus!
Sleepy Fairy Kitty
Have a Wonderful Week
The Woodland
Thoughtful Woman
The Dragons Den
The Lake

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· il y a 1 jour
Thank you! >:D< :x
· il y a 2 jours

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\)¯¯¯¯¯''\_„„„„\) Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

Gracias por tu amable visita.
H.R.H. {Queen Elizabeth}
· il y a 4 jours
Hello Robin,
Thank you so much for your rates/votes!
Have a lovely Saturday! :x >:D<
· il y a 5 jours
Hello dear Robin, thank for you votes and I wish you a nice weekend >:D<
A Hug for Y-O-U my Friend
· il y a 5 jours
♥≼☕Hello, my friend. Happy 1st day of Autumn☕≽♥ Stopping by to say thank you for your comment/rate. You are wonderful! ⭑≪THANK YOU≫⭑ May God's Blessings😇 flow through you today, and touch the lives of everyone you meet. I hope your weekend is full of all the things that make you happy🙏 Wishing you a weekend that sparkles✨ and shines, and has an abundance of fun, laughter and good times😀😆🙃 Have a Fabulous and Blessed Friday. Stay safe always, friend. 🧡🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🧡 🏵️🏵️🏵️
A Hug for Y-O-U my Friend
· il y a 6 jours
⭑≼☕GOOD MORNING and Happy Thursday to you, my friend☕≽⭑ I pray your Thursday is a wonderful day,🙏 filled with God's Blessings for you and your loved ones.😇 May your day be as special as you are.😘 Be kind, and be someone's sunshine today.🌞 Stay happy and safe always, my friend. 🍁🦊🍁 🧡🍂🧡 🍁🦊🍁
Autumn  Profile
· il y a 8 jours
Thank you :) >:D<
· il y a 8 jours
It is a pleasure to view others beautiful works of art, so you are very welcome always >:D<
Happy Tuesday >:D<
A Hug for Y-O-U my Friend
· il y a 8 jours
≼☕Hello to you, my lovely friend☕≽ I just wanted to say a big thank you for your comment/rate. You are so sweet. ⭑⪡THANK YOU⪢⭑ May you experience God's Love and Blessing in every part of your day.🙏 May He fill your every need today.😇 Sending out love💖 and happy thoughts😊 to you for a terrific day. Wishing you a wonderfully Happy and Blessed Tuesday, friend. Stay safe always ❤️💛😘🥰💛❤️ 🤗💛🤗💛🤗
Love, Peace & Kitty Cats
· il y a 9 jours
Hey girlfriend....Its so good to see you again :) O:) I kept missing you when you were on here an there :( I am glad that we have finally reconnected >:D< . Oh yes i am still doing the food thing....I love snacks. I have been off an on quite a bit i was out of internet for a few months i wanted to kill my internet provider an i and my daughter am doing a few home improvement projects and with this summer being so crazy hot hasnt helped. So what's been going on with you lately? Hows all those adorable grandkids doing? Well i hope to see you on as much as possible. >:D< I am sorry that i forgot to say hi :((

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