Sparkles Background

Sparkles Background
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✶ The Red Lady in Winter {by Merishy} ✶✶ Tokyo {by Merishy} ✶Sephiroth Crescent◦◦ღ♥♡Kendall and Kick Buttowski♡♥ღ◦◦They fight for the chance to be lied again.ByakudoraOfficial Account.Autumn  dreamsVictory is in my veins.Silence consumes their minds.◦◦ღ♥♡Kick Buttowski♡♥ღ◦◦◦◦ღ♥♡Inspector Gadget's Penny♡♥ღ◦◦There will be our vengeance!◦◦ღ♥♡Uzumaki Boruto♡♥ღ◦◦◦◦ღ♥♡Kawaki♡♥ღ◦◦

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