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PicMix (101)

It's sure great
Really Goddamn Groovy
times be desperate enough
drastic action
everything is probably fine
I prescribe a good morning
I wish I was a bird
paid enough to care
You don't always have to be that way
They'll all be sorry
Have an Aggressively Good Morning
All Mornings Are Beautiful
The Greatest Father of All
What's not normal
A Bonzo Fucking Saturday
I declare a Good Morning
is that even a good morning?
Friday No Rules
manufacture joy
Have a Cosmic Birthday
walk before you run
every day in the future
ruined by petty people
all mornings at once
oh wow yeah good morning
desert Sand Winds blow
impossible to contain the morning
As Hard As Time
Be Careful
hope and terror
What see depends
that thing from last week
what makes Sunday so special
Time to Rock Out
The President Of Italy
Good Morning, Comrade