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A Place to think

New to this .. Love to create ....

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Have a good Friday
Angel, lost boy
Christmas Eve  2
Christmas Eve
Bringing home the tree
witch road
Hallwo Party
Christmas waiting
Autumn Whisper
hippie fi
Starry Night
if tears can build
Merry Christmas
winter birds
Fall Escape
Thinking of You Grandma
Broken heart
secret Meeting
The Realization of Selfless Love
Smell the coffee
Kiss For You
Love is Forever
The Visit
Moon light kiss
angel friend
Highway to Heaven
Tears from Heaven
Field of Beauty
Angel Heart
water falls
Haunted house
inside a water drop
Blue trill

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A Place to think
· le 29 août 2017
your welcome and Thank u .. have a great day as well :)
· le 25 août 2017
Thanks for your friendship.Have a beautiful day.
· le 4 février 2017
Thanks dear for your friendship and welcome to Picmix.💝😘
le chat habillé
· le 28 janvier 2017
These movements in the images can only be made with photos hop and once they are ready they are uploaded to the picmix program and you can add imported stamps or those provided by the program. I hope your information has served me.
A Place to think
· le 25 janvier 2017
Welcome all .. Danmatt .. what do u mean photoshop ? I thought we could use any background we wanted ? sorry if I miss understand u .. Please explain .. I'm new to this .. have an awesome day :)
· le 24 janvier 2017
Gracias por incluirme entre tu amigos,bendiciones!!
le chat habillé
· le 16 janvier 2017
Con photoshop
Femme indienne et or
· le 16 janvier 2017
thanks dear for your friendschip 💖 kisses
· le 16 janvier 2017
Thank you for your vote and nice comments. :) good Evening.