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Escape from Reality..

Bon jour. Hello. I like to dabble in the arts, cooking and so many other things. I only vote 5**** or I don't vote at all. I expect the same back and also respect. My real name is Sam.

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Escape from Reality..
New Years 2018.
A Warm Summer Eve

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· le 14 mai 2018
Bonjour, merci pour vos notes et bons commentaires.
Bonne nouvelle semaine 🌼 🌹 🌼🌹
Escape from Reality..
· le 7 mai 2018
You're very welcome Andrea. :)
A floral portrait in red...
· le 6 mai 2018
Thank you for the vote.Happy Sunday:)
Escape from Reality..
· le 5 mai 2018
You are very welcome susi. :)
Colorful Autumn
· le 21 février 2018
Thank you for voting. Have a great day. :)
· le 20 février 2018
Bonjour, merci pour votre reconnaissance et vos commentaires
Bonne journée 💝😘💝
autumn woman
· le 14 décembre 2017
thank you for the vote (ړײ) !❤ 5★ ❤
Escape from Reality..
· le 1 octobre 2017
I am with my daughter on this one as far as people cheating on the votes. She is not the jealous type as caticha wrote her in a scathing note. My girl is a sweet young woman brought up right. Prove her wrong she will apologize to all.
Octobre rose
· le 12 septembre 2017
thnak you very much for the votes, kisses nath
A floral portrait in red...
· le 4 septembre 2017
Thank you for vote.Have a beautiful new week::x

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