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Happy New Year!

My name is Roxana Annabell Rose. (You might know me as Roxana.Rose on Blingee)
I'm 24 years old and I'm a model. My birthdate is on 17th September.
Sometimes I have many ships with my cousin, (TeodoraWitchblade) so I made this account to publish those ships. So this account will be only with ships. Nothing more, nothing less.

>:) My Evil Twin: AnnieFirenze >:)

18/09/2021 12:23

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Happy Birthday, Kakashi Hatake!
Happy 4th year anniversary, Tykidora!
Happy Birthday, Knockout!
Happy 4th year anniversary, Gilodora!
Happy 3rd year anniversary, Minadora!
Teodora x Megatron
Teodora x Megatron
Teodora x Knockout
Happy 6th year Anniversary, Vincentora!
Happy Birthday, Itachi Uchiha!
Happy Birthday, Aizen Sosuke!
Happy Birthday, Senbonzakura!
Teodora x Megatron
Happy 3rd year Anniversary, Aizenodora!
Teodora x Knockout
Teodora x Knockout
Happy 3rd year anniversary, Byakudora!
Happy 4th year anniversary, Hugodora!
Teodora x Knockout
Happy Birthday, TeodoraWitchblade!
Happy 2nd year anniversary, Crowleyodora!
Happy Birthday, Susabi!
Teodora x Optimus
Happy 1st year anniversary, Raizelodora!
Happy Birthday, Byakuya Kuchiki!
Happy 1st year anniversary, Mifuneodora!
Happy 2nd year Anniversary, Susabiodora!
Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday, Tyki Mikk!
Happy Birthday, Sephiroth!
Merry Christmas!
Happy 2nd year anniversary, Senbonzakura!
Happy Birthday, Crowley Eusford!

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Music expresses that which cannot be said
· le 19 janvier 2021
Hi Roxy! I added you :x
Happy New Year
· le 17 janvier 2021
>:) Well hello there my evil twin
Happy One Year and Six Months, Ashiya!
· le 17 janvier 2021
Hello, Roxy!! :-O
💍 Megatron
· le 17 janvier 2021
Oh, hello cousy! Nice to see you here! ^^