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Inscrit le 28 février 2021
Fashion is passion!

I like colours, kindness, and snacks (but nothing with meat!). I look forward to eating chocolate around Halloween 😍 Also; Girl Power!🥰 (and my boyfriend is the coolest too💕)

11/10/2021 01:36

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Aggretsuko says
I believe in ME!
So Kawaii!
Magical fighter girl
Let’s fight side by side :)
Cookie colours :3
Omg look at the candy xD
Young at heart
Crayola rainbow butterfly bliss!
Cute Pokémon battle mix
Yay a princess!
Firebird (roselia)
Elegant princess roses🥰
Colourful kawaii happy picture :)
Love is happiness :)
You will be missed…
Thank you :)
Magic bunnie for the girl power~
Magic from the heart
From fireflies, to duraludon…
Sailor Magical Courage!
Send love; change reality :)
The grace of Dawn!
Cute sweet mocha coffee manga girl :)
Best friends make the best lovers :)
Wishes and love 😊
My wish
Pink, precious, and bold.
Pretty hk cheerleader :)
Three (lion) cheers for Dawn returning! :)
My regally pink dreamy cheer😊❤️
This is a miracle :)
How beautiful!
Beautiful euros creation💕
Sweet Victorian lady portrait💕

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Pixel Art Picture
· le 12 juillet 2021
Thank you! :) You got very nice Pixmix here very cute and awesome
Angel Of Light
· le 9 mars 2021
Happy women day HikariFay + Thanks for visiting+V&N+have a good week+++ >:D< :x :x