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soave background animated winter christmas vintagesoave deco tree winter white tealcattygirl lamp birds snow lantern decosoave text christmas deco white bluecattygirl girl child winter christmassoave frame vintage border lace neon autumn

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· il y a 19 jours
Contest  Beau chat   25  11 21
· il y a 20 jours
Magnífique creation >:D< >:D< :x
Marvelous picture and very beautiful
Merci pour ta visite / Thank you for your beautiful visit
I wish you good day /Bonne journée
Hugs and kisses :x :x >:D< >:D<
꧁*♡◄থৣ ❤️থৣ►♡*꧂
xmas in red
· il y a 20 jours
Coffee time
· il y a 20 jours
Pretty :)