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Windows XP icons
lesbian pride heart
Kawaii Pink Cafe
Yaoi text pixel
Stars Emoji Decoration.
Glitter Paint window
Minesweeper Windows 3.1
We were born to make history
Purple cat on rainbow, Lisa Frank
Lovecore Background
Pink Trash Bin (Unknown Credits)
On screen keyboard
My Melody Animated Background
Pink City Background
Heart Emoji Decoration.
Sakura Miku (@illufinch)
Clouds Sky Background
Webcore Stamp #27 (Unknown Credits)
Dark Emoji Transparent Background.
Pink wingz >///<
Emoji Transparent Background.
Yellow Webcore Background
Kuromi drawn by LARVAMOLT
Broken Heart Emoji Decoration.
small sparkly tails
Webcore Stamp #29 (Unknown Credits)
Bunny Boarder (Unknown Credits)
Menhera Ribbon #1 (King Lulu Dear)
Remember, you are beautiful.
Purple Aesthetic Background
Purple Aesthetic City
Aesthetic Windows 98 frames
Psycho pink glitter
Aesthetic rainbow frame
Princess Bedroom
Barbie CD
Pixel Cherry Tree Branch.
Cute Narwhal.
Vapourwave Background
i love PC blinkie
Pink/Purple Animated Background
Cartoon of the day
Pink Macarons Background
Paint window
Webcore Stamp #31 (Unknown Credits)
Cat Sticker.
Task Failed Successfully (VantaBrat)
Give Me Attention- Sticker.
My Computer icon - pink pixel art
Kawaii Background #1 (Unknown Credits)
Webcore Stamp #10 (Unknown Credits)
Critical Error - Aesthetic Overload
46ZFH/!KDS8G?/ (King LuLu Dear)
Rainbow Alleyway
Cyan Glitter Background
Cute Drawn Puppies Sticker.
Computer Windows - Purple Aesthetic
Bad Social Skills (Unknown Credits)
Pink Strawberries Background
Pink Animated Castle Background
Love Letter (Black Tulip Shop)
Pink Pixel Room
tumblr png transparent
Blue Animated Background
Fall Out Boy // Folie a Deux
Gloomy Bears' Meal :3
Anime Edit 1# Sauce: Panty & Stocking (Celty-san)
Shy Anime Girl.
Aesthetic Cafe Background
Sanrio Cinnamoroll: Cappuccino (Unknown Credits)
Pink Animated Background
This is what a princess looks like!
Purple Sparkly Heart Decoration.
Kaomoji Bears: Blurred Edit (VantaBrat)
My Document (MilkyTea)
Pastel Background #1 (Unknown Credits)
Galaxy Unicorn Sticker.
Pink Aesthetic Background
Cute Pixel Stars Sticker.
✶ Pride {by Merishy} ✶
Gummy bears
Sanrio Stamp #2 (Hakucat)
Microsoft Word: Boarder Edit (VantaBrat)
hydrangea tea
pixel beach scenery
Ms Paint (King LuLu Dear)
crystal stars
Green Animated Background
Ms Paint: Boarder Edit #2 (VantaBrat)
Kawaii Blush
tumblr png transparent
shut down (cr: legounikitty)
Green City Background
Transparent Emoji Decoration.