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f*ck the free world >:33

[she / they]
[discord: space#9706]
i make a bunch of random shit, usually when im high : P
message me on discord if u wanna talk! x3

19/06/2021 16:55

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windows media technologies +_+
scenecore dreams <33
f*ck the free world >:33
outdoor smoking :33
yveltal is a commie >‿<
sick of ur sh*t !!
the stars shimmering </3
under the sky >.<
red as roses >:3
pretty rave girl x3

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me  ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
· il y a 1 jour
thank you <3
· il y a 5 jours
spacefiend i hope you are having a swag evening >:)
· il y a 6 jours
hahaha thats soo funny *powers up my staff behind my back*
we all know it
· il y a 6 jours
you must take a side
who is right? me or babywizard?
choose wisely
· il y a 12 jours
maybe i just like woki... :D