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Golden Beauty

Hello everyone, this is joycieoh from Blingee. Glad to see some of my old friends here doing what we love to do best!!!

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Hope you have a sweet Birthday
Hope you have a joyous birthday
Congratulations On You Beautiful Baby Girl
Hope your day is  full of  joy
Sorry to hear your Sick
Happy Autumn
Carousel Dreams
Sending you a smile
Good Morning Autumn
Birthday Bear Greetings
Wishing you a Great Day
Good Morning Kitties
Wishing you a happy Day
Good Morning
Thinking of You
Days Past
Beautiful in Pink
Welcoming Autumn
Good Night ~ Sweet Dreams
Thinking of you makes me Smile
Sweet Love ~ Dreaming of  You
Life is Golden
Colorful Dream
Just a Dream Away
Autumn Fairy
Love of Fashion
Golden Beauty
Enjoying the  Sunset

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Summer anime
· le 29 janvier 2021
Miss you sweetheart , Rest In Peace ! Hope you are in a wonderful place . Love you always .

I'M HERE 8/15/2015
· le 10 octobre 2015
Rest in peace my dear friend. I miss you so much. You always will be in my heart. One day we will meet in Heaven.
My Avatar
· le 28 septembre 2015
May you rest in peace my friend. You will be sadly missed by us all.
Lil gurl Steampunk
· le 27 septembre 2015
you are truly going to be missed dear Joyce. May you Rest in peace my dear friend. <3
· le 9 septembre 2015
For  charu_rappel
· le 20 août 2015
How to insert frames on the background? I have a problem with this.
· le 17 août 2015
Hi Joycie, glad to see you here!!! can't wait to see your pics !!!
· le 16 août 2015
Hey :) I'm so happy you found me. I added you too! Sad I can only leave one comment, I guess that's how it works...It's going to take forever to get use to this. I don't even know who to make my profile picture show up...Love you!!
For  charu_rappel
· le 15 août 2015
I'm glad to see you here!
Lil gurl Steampunk
· le 15 août 2015
Hi Joyce glad we both found each other here this ought to be interesting. going to miss all the fantastic stuff we were able to do on blinee

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