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sparkly gabe

blingee gang since 2012 #swag
literally im real gabe saporta dead ass
(i am a freak)

26/11/2022 17:02

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the saddest twink in nebraska
ham bruger
he has sexy disease
frank iero grrr woof woof bark
yass frank and gerard YIPPEEE
my friend mo
frank iero emo king
rawr rawr rawr :3
frank iero myspace queen
go cry emo kid
meow meow gabey babey
travie my beloved
good morning wife
so true gabe
frank iero emo princess
you are g
awsten ahahahahaaa
totally d34d!!!!
can a catboy and a dogboy really fall in love?
my shorty
ed sheeran
woof woof
my wife
my chem
bffz 4everz lololol
my scene girlfriend
gay little meow meow
3 kings walking hand in hand
beautiful moment
my poor little meow meow

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sparkly gabe
· il y a 11 jours
hotmilfy hijack <3
When the homegirl is upset
· le 20 mars 2022
· le 8 février 2022
risotto :3
· le 18 janvier 2022
why does your received gifts look like a little set of stairs
Spider-Man Meow Meow
· le 18 janvier 2022
more like gabe sharta!!!!!! <3 lov ;) >:)
risotto :3
· le 19 décembre 2021
hello the real gabe saporta
Kaz_Creations 05/06/2022
· le 24 juin 2021
Happy Thursday
Thankyou For Votes/Comments
Have a Good Day
Love & Hugs
we all know it
· le 12 juin 2021
wee oo wee oo
its the epic alert
u r epic
risotto :3
· le 1 juin 2021
i hope you and your little meow meow wifey have an epic pride month <3
· le 21 avril 2021
I have ur son hostage. if u want to see him again pay 100,000

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