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“My heart will always belong to you.”

"I don't have a purple problem, I have a purple passion!"
Please learn how to properly tag! Its so annoying to have to sort threw the stickers to find what you are looking for. (K.I.S.S!)
There are plenty of places where you can buy graphics and the rights to use them.
I have a couple of lifetime memberships.
which is were I get my items from.
it's time to let that shit go!
Also lots of places that give free things away with the licenes to use with credit back to the creator.

Stealing a artist paintings does not make you creative.... You dont have the legal right To put your copy right on the image that you do not own or have bought a licenes to use.
If you are addicted to thievery maybe you should go see a professional.
Please see examples in my pic mixes .. Artist is Renee Lavoie. Altering a persons work does Not Make it Yours. If you want to use someones beautiful art then buy the rights to do so. We are all guilty of this. They're others who bully over this issue.
Which shows a true issue in itself. Narcissism?
Renée's Work can be purchased from her site. She is a fantastic artist!
©Renée L. Lavoie www.theartofreneellavoie.com

Begin a meditation routine during which you chant the following mantra: “It is NOT all about me.” For advanced meditators, you may also add: “Other people DO exist.”

You may not place a copyright symbol with your name on or around the image as it is considered a derivative work. You can put “tubed, tagged, sig by, etc” as your tagging mark.
Derivative work is done by me Sm3 Which includes animation,effects,filters,etc.

Quality, not quantity, is my measure.

Always let your conscience be your guide. - The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)

12/06/2021 21:02

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Portrait glamour
· il y a 15 jours
Thank you for your visits, votes & comments
Have a nice and blessed Sunday
Hugs & friendship kisses >:D< :x anny
Kaz_Creations 03/05/2021
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Thankyou :x
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♪ ♫ ♫ ✿ ♫ ✿ ♪ thanks for 💙
comments and vote 🌸
♡ ♡ Beautiful evening!♡ 💙
Kaz_Creations 03/05/2021
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💗Happy Thursday💗Thankyou For Votes/Comments💗Have a Nice Day💗Love & Hugs Kaz :x
Dad 💙By CattyGirl💙
· le 12 mai 2021
>:D< :x Thank you so much for votes, notes, comments and visits @};- (*)
and thank you for friendship. may you and your loved ones stay safe >:D< ᓚᘏᗢ
Kaz_Creations 03/05/2021
· le 5 mai 2021
💝 Happy Wednesday 💝 Thankyou For Votes/Comments 💝 Have a Nice Day/Evening 💝 Love & Hugs Kaz :x
Dad 💙By CattyGirl💙
· le 2 mai 2021
>:D< >:D< :D :D thank you, love what you wrote in my gift. you are so right . hugs
Our hearts have been to battle
· le 14 avril 2021
Thank you for the lovely comments :x
Deine Avatare - Wettbewerb
· le 12 avril 2021
Thank you for your note. Have a nice day >:D<
Summer Peach
· le 11 avril 2021
💗💗💗Cat Thank You for help with the picmaker and tips and tricks...

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