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le 7 juillet 2021
🔸Happy Wednesday
🔸Have a Good Day
🔹Love & Hugs Kaz :x

le 20 mai 2019
i sure miss ya deborah...i hope all is well with you and your family.-

le 3 janvier 2019
Hello friend, thanks for your visit and kind comment. Happy new year you too. Have a nice day. Hugs Laura-

le 2 janvier 2019
Merci beaucoup pour votre reconnaissance
et bons commentaires
Une bonne année!⛄🎄💝

le 1 janvier 2019
Wishing All my Picmix Family a Blessed New Years,May all your Dreams & Wishes come true in this new year.May you & your families be blessed with much love & happiness...Kisses!-

le 25 décembre 2018
Dear, I am happy to hear from you the most important thing is that it's all right now for your husband, for you and your family, the most precious good that exists. I wish you happy and peaceful days in full health. I embrace you with all my heart. Kisses-

le 25 décembre 2018
Merry Christmas Everyone,so sorry I have not been on here in a while. So much has happened my hubby had to have several surgeries & one was for his heart.I am back in school advancing my Nursing degree & back to work.I miss you all so much,I love you all.-

le 22 décembre 2018
My dear Deborah, that the magical atmosphere of Holy Christmas can fill your heart with joy and gently caress your soul! Best wishes to you and your loved ones!-

le 24 juillet 2018
Gracias por tu voto! te deseo una bonita semana un abraso.-

le 26 juin 2018
hello deborah. have a nice evening. god bless you. hugs from berdina. ♥♥-

le 25 février 2018

le 28 janvier 2018
bonsoir je passe te souhaiter une bonne soirée en ce dimanche soir amitié Chris-

le 28 janvier 2018
Sorry for the delay... Thank you so much. Have a good day & God Bless you! ❤ ❤ ❤-

le 27 janvier 2018
Hi Deborah, I hope your mom is better and I pray for this. I miss you my friend, I just wanted you to know. Come back soon ..... a big hug to you and your mom. With love, Carmen ♥♥♥-

le 23 janvier 2018
Still praying for good outcome for your mother! ♥ Miss you so much...-

le 20 janvier 2018
Thanks for the comments I made to my pictures, 11 days ago! Sorry
Late! Great Weekend!:):)

le 17 janvier 2018
thank you for the votes my friend. i sure do miss you prayers are with you and your mother hon-

le 14 janvier 2018
Sending both your Mom and you lots of Hugs & Love ♥♥♥♥♥
In my prayers always, my dear heart

le 9 janvier 2018
A beautiful day, my dear!:)-

le 3 janvier 2018
Continued prayers for your Mom my friend ♥ Miss you, just wanted you to know I have started teaching a new person, her name is Hannah. I don't know how far this will go, but she seems eager to learn. Come back when you are able ♥♥♥-