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soo true prince salde!!!

Hello!! I'm kieran ^_^ i love making picmixes abt the things i enjoy! quite a few of my picmixes are more trollish/jokey but i hope thats okay!!
i love splatoon, puyo puyo, vtubing, drawing and so much more! it's nice to meet you!

my twitter is @beetalz ! i try to post art there. ;)

11/08/2021 04:47

PicMix (113)

🍡 🌸Sakura Raffina🌸 🍡
Splatoon 2 ★ DJ Octofresh
Splatoon 2 ★ MC.Princess
Pafair ☆ Puyo Puyo!! Quest
kieran the octoling
luka megurine!!
Lightless oblivion devours you
queen of hearts - KH edition
love wins
sig ver. kitty
suicune the greatest!
clove the greatest!!
shit, da-don!!
summer steven stone
20% cooler!!
miconyash hwost of the nyightmare
goddess of autumn leaves
summertime scarlet
Monster - Paramore
sariel under the moonlight
yuuka in the garden of the sun
gladion emo hatered #anger #scene
amitie in the summer park!
salde of the web!
sprig plantar!!!
Rubor Vini
Let's make new memories from now on.
gay komaedaling awww
fall fantasy valkyrie arle!

Stickers (400)

cherry cookiecherry blossom cookiedj cookie sparklepancake cookie sadorange cookielime cookie runningphonesi love PC blinkiecute phoneshut down (cr: legounikitty)baby aishatv window (credit to kouenli)crayola blinkieangel blinkierainbow blinkiechao

Commentaires (23)

more faulkner momence
· le 11 août 2021
loving the portal stickers! I can use these to make monstrosities!
soo true prince salde!!!
· le 9 août 2021
fake touhou fan under me guys vv
soo true prince salde!!!
· le 5 août 2021
can we pretend that airplanmes in the night skuy are like shooting stars
idk who he is
· le 29 juillet 2021
epic stickerss :)
all it costs is your love
· le 21 juillet 2021
hello very swag picmix
kanna kizuchi
· le 20 juillet 2021
i'm surprised lol i thought i was the only teenager on this site dominated by 60 year olds

good job honey !
we all know it
· le 17 juillet 2021
(hes an axolotl now)
soo true prince salde!!!
· le 17 juillet 2021
we all know it
· le 13 juillet 2021
babywizard sends her regards >:D<
i however, dont send any regards lol
yuzuki yukari and v flower vocaloid
· le 2 juillet 2021
Wheres baby kitty?

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