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Bird Woman

Oh, btw my blingee name is birdie1952 ;)

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Gatsby Girls
Art-Deco Woman
Vintage Lady
Vintage art
Bird Woman

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Kaz_Creations 17.04/2022
· le 19 août 2015
Dear Blingee Fans,

We have heard you loud and clear. This community is your home, and Blingee is a unique and irreplaceable creative outlet that must be saved. We are happy to announce that Blingee.com is here to stay.
Woman and Flowers
· le 19 août 2015
Hi, this is Birdtoes from Blingee :)
Bird Woman
· le 18 août 2015
Call me impatient. I posted a picmix more that 7 hours ago and it't still not moderated. :( >:(
Bird Woman
· le 16 août 2015
OMG, it takes ages before a picmix is moderated! :-(
· le 15 août 2015
Hello, burdie, boil one itself again. The world is small. I am glad this also you
here is. One nice Saturday and best regards Sylvia
Golden Beauty
· le 15 août 2015
Hello Gerlene
magic garden
· le 14 août 2015
Gerlene hello !! I'm glad to see you here this is not the same as blingee is true but at least we will contact all
My First
· le 14 août 2015
Hihi Gerlene, not sure how this commenting works yet. Glad to see you!
Bird Woman
· le 13 août 2015
This is strange, I can only leave 1 comment with somebody?