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🌻 Hello!! I'm Kieran /(^ × ^)\ I'm 18 years old, my pronouns are He/They, and I love making Picmixes about the things I enjoy! I make some funny Picmixes here and there but I've moved on to making (mostly) more genuine ones because it's fun to do! I like Puyo Puyo, Pokemon, Anime/manga, drawing, cute stuff and so much more!!

With my Picmixes, I love using a lot of cute imagery and colors. Rainbows add a lot to something, you know!

If you ask me for a request, I'll try to get to it if it's something I'm interested in!
I'm much more likely to do requests involving specific pieces of media or aesthetics.

Prince Salde kinnie
Rainbow & Kidcore connoisseur

If you need a sticker removed please let me know! I grab them from, tumblr, and other sites so I don't know who the original creator is most of the time.

My twitter is @belle_kieran ! I post my art there.
My tumblr is also @belle_kieran !
i'm also !!!!

(ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆

10/04/2022 23:51

PicMix (186)

a pigment of figment!
pride clove
i'll miku miku you (for reals) ♪
gift for vtuber mutual
stede and blackbeard gay for real
requests are open!
sasha bunnyboy!!
onyx caliban
mew mew clove!
walter white's incident
🍮Pudding Fong🍮
🍓Ichigo Momomiya🍓
Open your Heart - Crush40
I wanna fly high!
my sweet passion!
Jeremy Elbertson Jerma985
choo choo jellystone
surfing the net!!
dialga the cutest lovecraftian god
ringo andou
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ppq arcade - sing
cr-s01 my gummy worm
n pokemon cute moments
happy valentines from cutewittlewoki
sweet amitie!!
catboy jerma..
hero of hyrule
nutty happy tree friends
volo & friends pizza party
otahen anthem!
adaman and melli cute moments

Stickers (537)

figment holding flowersfigment plant plushfigment flower and garden festival 2021figment artworkfigment and dreamfinderfigment artworkspace figmentfigment knight statueFigmentheart rainbow bgmelonpan catcute gyaru textspinning vaporwave record playervaporwave spinning mewcute bear bannervaporwave fiji pedastal

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· le 12 avril 2022
i laff your picmix ;)
· le 19 mars 2022
WHEN DA IMPOSTER IS SUS!!!!!1!!1!1111!!1!!!1!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
riamu explode
· le 19 février 2022
I live in your walls
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· le 19 février 2022
teehee!!! i am inside yoiur home
Amitie pfp
· le 14 février 2022
(^^)/ ʰᵉˡˡᵒ
· le 8 février 2022
my house
· le 26 janvier 2022
this is for you >:D< ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᑀ
BONK! flat
· le 11 août 2021
loving the portal stickers! I can use these to make monstrosities!
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· le 5 août 2021
can we pretend that airplanmes in the night skuy are like shooting stars
idk who he is
· le 29 juillet 2021
epic stickerss :)

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