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Official Account.

Hello and welcome to my profile. This is my official and only account I made here.
I was on Blingee with the same username.

Some informations about me:
- Name: Vincent Valentine.
- Age: 32 years old.
- Gender: Male.
- Birthdate: 13 October.
- Zodiac sign: Libra.
- Relationship: Engaged with my Princess (TeodoraWitchblade).[14.06.2016]
- Height: 184cm.
- Weight: 90kg.
- Occupation: Unemployed.
- Country: I moved into my fiancee's country. (Romania)

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07/09/2021 16:46

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How much time do you have left?
There's a silencing.
All I ever needed was a reason to believe.
I can see through the flames.
To escape is to be empty.
Official Account.

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· il y a 14 jours
Hello honey! :x