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Official Account. - Vincent Valentine

Hello and welcome to my profile. This is my official and only account I made here.
I was on Blingee with the same username.

Some informations about me:
- Name: Vincent Valentine.
- Age: 33 years old.
- Gender: Male.
- Birthdate: 13 October.
- Zodiac sign: Libra.
- Relationship: Engaged with my Princess (TeodoraWitchblade).[14.06.2016]
- Height: 184cm.
- Weight: 90kg.
- Occupation: Unemployed.
- Country: I moved into my fiancee's country. (Romania)

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13/10/2021 12:24

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Our future's here and now.
Happy New Year!
Never say die.
There was nothing left to say, until today!
The whole world shackled to my feet.
Happy Birthday to me!
The glow of the fire will light up the night.
Soaring into the unknown.
They fight for the chance to be lied again.
Victory is in my veins.
How much time do you have left?
There's a silencing.
All I ever needed was a reason to believe.
I can see through the flames.
To escape is to be empty.
Official Account. - Vincent Valentine

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· le 7 septembre 2021
Hello honey! :x