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Hello and welcome on my profile. This is my official and only account I made here.
I was on Blingee with the same username.

Some informations about me:
- Name: Hugue de Watteau.
- Age: 35 years old.
- Gender: Male.
- Birthdate: 03 November.
- Zodiac sign: Scorpio.
- Relationship: Engaged with my princess (TeodoraWitchblade).[19.03.2018]
- Height: 190cm.
- Weight: 88kg.
- Brothers/Sisters: A younger sister.
- Occupation: Vatican Priest.
- Country: I was born in Belgium, but I moved into my fiancee's country. (Romania)

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09/05/2021 15:49

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I'll tear you up in two!
Death surrounds!
Soaring into the unknown...
There's beauty in the bleeding.
You're only still alive because I made a promise.
Fight unless you're willing to die.
Never say die!
When all is lost and daylight ends..
It is the end of all hope...
Crush the darkness.
Gonna make it to the finish line.
Riding the horizon.
It's all the same for the dreamers...
I will not surrender.
I'm gonna rip it off!
You can't fix your broken promise.
I will touch the rain with all I have...
Every day I'm just surviving; Keep climbing the mountain.
Illiteracy for those who can't see.
The nightmare will take us all.
We'll bring the reckoning.
My cries are blocked by the horizon.
We're taking over!
Official Account

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Elizabeth Midford
· le 4 mai 2021
Hello my love! :x