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le 22 janvier 2016
Hello^^ I'm Anime_Angel16 of Blingee :) Have a nice Weekend :)-

le 19 août 2015
good news blingee remains open ;-)-

le 18 août 2015
It's nice to talk to you again XD-

le 18 août 2015
Yes, I'm already in love with this site as I was with Blingee. XD-

le 15 août 2015
Good and you? ^^-

le 15 août 2015
Awesome, Diana! Glad you found me! This is the best thing next to Blingee. Blingee was the best. But now this will have to do. Less stress over contests and comps :)-

le 14 août 2015
Hello there! ^^-

le 14 août 2015
Of course we can! ^^-

le 14 août 2015
Thanks for find me on here :D-

le 13 août 2015
I am peques22 blingee!
here you can find me by kim-nana
I hope to continue with our friendship! Ü ♥