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Hello! I'm new here, I used to make creations like these on, but I can't anymore. Actually, this site is MUCH better! More freedom for expression. I live in Maine with my husband of 28 years this July of 21, We have two adult children, my oldest gave me the greatest gift. My first Grandchild, Aurora Grace. She makes me complete. Most of the creations I do on here, the background will most likely be a photo I took, I am also a nature photographer, who LOVES macro detail. I also love faires, anything fantasy really. If you would like to friend me, please do! I love meeting new people!
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09/05/2021 03:18

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The most Precious Gift
Turn of an Era
Fey Protector
Jeweled Wonder

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Beautiful Day-Cat in carnation field gif
· le 9 mai 2021
Welcome to PicMix! I added you to my friends list! I'm from Arizona and have 4 grandsons! I was BBB338 on Blingee! Have fun creating! >:D< 🌹