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May 1st lucky coffee

Hi i´m Asta and i living in Beautiful Denmark,
my roots are Indonesian and i'm a student. Trying here to clear my head from all the exams and learning
picmix its much Fun, i love it, so amazing to relax.

I Made my pictures for myself, for Fun.

You don't have to like them. You also don't have to leave a comment, but you don't have to badmouth or mock my pictures and downvoted all my Pic´s!

13/05/2022 10:18

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Børn med is på stranden
Venner forevigt
May 1st lucky coffee
børn leger ved søbredden
berbasikal bersama rakan
Ariel sedang bercuti
kerja taman
berbasikal di alam semula jadi
arnab paskah yang comel
kelinci musim semi 4/4/022
musim semi 4/4/022

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