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Never trust a demon

Hello! Here's a bit about me :)

The name's Ami!
I love anime, manga, my family, K-Pop and cooking!
My favorite color is green

My favorite animes:
Yuri on Ice
Fairy Tail
Black Butler
Soul Eater
Blue Exorcist
Food Wars!
Vampire Knight
One Piece
Death Note
Demon Slayer

Favorite Android/IOS Games:
The Sims (All including Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile)
Twisted Wonderland (I don't play it. I just love the characters)
Obey Me
Love Tangle
Summoners War
Pokemon Go
Bubble Witch Saga
Mystic Messenger

Video games:
Luigi's Mansion games
Pokemon games
Assassin's Creed

My K-Pop account:

Wanna know anything else, just ask! :D

12/03/2022 00:08

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You are berry special :)
Never trust a demon
What if I'm not the hero?
The more gentle he can afford to be
I am lost in a dream
Remember all the good times
We can't help but to be human
Kai 😍
Baek 😍
Happy birthday Beel and Belphie!! <3
It's like loving a lion who cannot be tamed
Come with me into my world
Don't lose your smile
The Sleeping Death
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

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The Quick Brown Fox
· le 4 avril 2022
· le 11 mars 2022
Hi and thx for the gift uwu and yes Lilia is my fave :)