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Abigail wishes you guys a merry Christmas

Hi! ;;) My name is Jasmine. You can call me Jas or Jazz if you want :x

A few favorites:
ღ Favorite colors are green, pink, blue and purple
ღ Favorite foods are maultaschen, currywurst and rouladen (Yes. I'm German) :))
ღ Favorite number is 4
ღ Favorite drinks are Bang Energy, most Mountain Dews. As well as flavoring water packets
ღ Favorite animals are dogs, birds and rabbits

My favorite things to do:
ღ Watching anime
ღ Watching TV series
ღ Watching movies
ღ Making anime images transparent (I save them off Zerochan &
ღ Coloring
ღ Diamond art
ღ Spending time with my family

My favorite animes are:
ღ Haikyuu
ღ Free
ღ Black Bullet
ღ Kimetsu no Yaiba
ღ Diabolik Lovers
ღ The Seven Deadly Sins
ღ Vampire Knight
ღ K-On
ღ Love Live! Sunshine
ღ Fairy Tail
ღ Maid-Sama!

My favorite TV series:
ღ One Chicago (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD)
ღ Bones
ღ Law and Order: SVU
ღ Supernatural

My favorite movies:
ღ Pirates of the Caribbean
ღ All The Santa Claus movies
ღ The Grinch (With Jim Carrey)
ღ Titanic
ღ Pearl Harbor
ღ Harry Potter
ღ Twilight
ღ Aladdin (Including the 2019 remake)
ღ Frozen & Frozen 2

I hope I make some new friends!! :x

14/12/2021 02:54

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Little gift for Teodora :)
Merry Christmas
Time flies over us
Life is an adventure
Photo captured with love
Abigail wishes you guys a merry Christmas
I'm sexy and I know it!
No one can fix me
Merry Christmas!!
Natsu does the have the sweetest smile!!

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》┋Something you create┋《
· le 12 décembre 2021
Hey, thanks for adding me! I added you back :) Have a nice Sunday! :x
fandoms im in
· le 10 décembre 2021
i love your picmixes they look cool!
Sephiroth Crescent
· le 9 décembre 2021
Hello! I'm Giselle's friend, my name's Teodora! Nice to meet you! >:D<