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x3 Now this is just phase one of it, but yas heres your gift from me and the theme :3

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Happy BirthdayDiluc RagnvindrButterflies RedStars RedDots.Frame.RedFlowers RedBorder Frame SilverSparkles BackgroundSnowflakes DecoBackground white transparentAnimated background

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Happy One Year and Six Months, Ashiya!
· le 20 juillet 2022
Wonder about the other phase. :-O
Knockout 💍
· le 16 juillet 2022
So pretty! *-* Happy birthday to my sora-chan! :x
Happy 2 Month Friendship Anniversary, BFF!
· le 16 juillet 2022
Happy Birthday BFF! Close up view of the steamy buns boi! XD But this is beautiful! 😍
Anime Autumn
· le 16 juillet 2022
So many phases 😂😂😂
"The sun is frozen. The world has lost its light"
· le 16 juillet 2022
:3 Dayum this looks awesome tho